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Не-видим - текст от представление

written by Zornitsa Stoyanova and performed by automatic voice generator (which is also the reason for the formatting)  Out there    above us, a beacon of peace watches.   The international space station circles the earth, an image of humanity’s achievement. Astronauts from around the world meeting, working, eating, sleeping, shitting, waking up and meeting again… watching down on us.   Orbiting… Read more →

“…not a fucking swan…”

BY ZORNITSA STOYANOVA | Feb. 12, 2018 | Written and published for thINKingDANCE.net A pair of dancers (Margot Electra Steinberg and Mary-Carmen Webb), anonymous and unmoving with foreheads on the wall and one hip relaxed, are positioned in the far-left corner. Across from them a black clad body (Celine McBride) enters. Her legs bare, she moves forward in an illusion… Read more →

България на картата на Европейския съвременен танц

BY ZORNITSA STOYANOVA | MAY 8, 2018 | Written and published for thINKingDANCE.net   Personal history and context I was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2002, at age 20, I left everything I knew because of dance. Back then, there was no contemporary dance education or performance in my country. My parents supported me when I applied and… Read more →

Explicit Female – Secret life of the female body (text from show)

Note: Text format and punctuation(or lack there of) is catered to the automatic software that reads the text during performance. It is the most sensual experience… It gives you perspective. It gives you understanding on the durability of the female body. How we have survived… violence… and rape… and birth… and death… and…. and … we are still ….we are…… Read more →

Interview with Philadephia Weekly’s Jacqueline Rupp about Explicit Female

“From pregnancy to birth to motherhood, Stoy­an­ova examines the female body without sentiment or the usu­al pa­ter­nal­ist­ic “won­der” that reads like a script to an ‘80s Lamaze how-to. “There’s a lot of fem­in­ist art, but I haven’t seen any­thing that dir­ectly re­sponds to moth­er­hood. Part of it is be­ing a moth­er brings you out of so­ci­ety, it can be a very lonely thing.” Read more →

On Changing Bodies and Art Mediums

BY ZORNITSA STOYANOVA | MARCH 14, 2016 | Written and published for Kat Sullivan’s week on CurateThis. I have known Zornitsa Stoyanova for just a few months now, but I’ve been seeing her work in dance performance and film/media for much longer. Most recently. I was enraptured (“I saw” just seems too bland) by her dance film dark matter, screened… Read more →

“In the end it comes down to community” – Gus Gscheidle and his 1fiftyone gallery + art space

by Zornitsa Stoyanova for thinkingdance.net 1fiftyone gallery + art space is raw. Situated on the fourth and fifth floor of an Old City building, it is a new home for the experimental—dance, theater, music and performance. Gus Gscheidle, a visual artist, graphic designer, and lover of dance and performance, runs it. I met Gus six years ago through our mutual… Read more →

Review of Dark Matter performance on thinkingdance.net

By Julius Ferraro for thinkindance.net November 22, 2015   Day one of < fidget >’s 6th Annual Fall Experimental Music Festival is called Space, Pulse, Pat-tern, Presence, but it could easily be called Disorientation. Four short pieces, though they differ wildly in tone, form, humor, movement, and medium, use deliberately counterintuitive elements to evoke mystery, suspense, and even confusion. dark matter,… Read more →

Performing the Self in Rage – The Life of an Artist

by Zornitsa Stoyanova | for thinkingdance.net In 2005, while attending ADF, I was assigned to be Miguel Gutierrez’s wardrobe assistant for his solo Retrospective Exhibitionist. For those three nights I embodied his mom—washing his underwear. Since then I’ve followed his work and taken his workshops any time I could. When I moved to Philadelphia in 2006, Nicole Bindler was the first person… Read more →