Zornitsa Stoyanova dance BodyMeld Photo by Bill H.
shatter:::dawn 2013 Photo by Bill H

Зорница Стоянова, (USA/BUL) Зорница Стоянова(САЩ/РБ) е хореограф, куратор, писател, видео и светлинен дизайнер. През 2006 г. завършва Bennington College със специалност хореография и звуков дизайн. След това се мести в Филаделфия, САЩ където продуцира и представя спектакли и видео под името BodyMeld. От 2020г. живее напълно в София, България и продължава да ръководи проекти в САЩ виртуално.  

Нейната сценична, видео и фотографска работа използва женското тяло като абстрактен обект разкривайки идеи за сила в женската чувственост и емоционалност. На сцената изследва феминистки идеи, динамиката на властта между изпълнители и публика, както и лични истории разкриващи уязвимост в персонажите. Mylar фолио, експериментално осветление и композиционна импровизация са неразделна част от сценичната и работа.

Светлината често е неразделна част от сценографията и, и тя е дълбоко вдъхновена от артисти като Антъни МакКол, Джеймс Турел и японския хореограф Наоко Танака.

Zornitsa Stoyanova dance BodyMeld photo by S. Takacs
Zornitsa Stoyanova photo by S. Takacs

In 2008 Zornitsa was a fellow with Headlong Performance Institute (Philadelphia), where she focused on abstract character building, clowning and interactive theatrical performance. Later, her studies with Deborah Hay sparked an interest in performance presence and deconstruction of communication thorough posture and gesture.  Since then, Zornitsa has sought out professional development opportunities researching art practices both digital and analog in abstracting the body and looking for emotional content and potential for meaning in the body. Her most influential teachers include Meg Stuart, Miguel Gutierrez, Michelle Boule, Ishmael Houston Jones, Susan Rethorst, Fay Driscoll, Luciana Achugar, Danny Lepkoff amongst others.

Stoyanova’s performance АндроМеда (2020) was commissioned and presented by The Philadelphia Museum of Art and her solo Explicit Female (2016) was awarded the Philadelphia Contemporary Dance Award “Rocky”. Her choreographic work has been shown in festivals around the U.S. as well as in Bulgaria and France.  She’s been invited to choreographic residences in Poland, Romania, the United States and Bulgaria. As a dancer, she has performed for Eiko & Koma, Boris Charmatz, Cie. Willy Dorner, Lionel Popkin, Group Motion and improvisation companies Emergent Improvisation Project and Graffito Works.

Her screendance films have been shown in festivals across the U.S. and in Mexico, Argentina, Uruguay, Bulgaria, Ireland, Germany, and Bangladesh.

Zornitsa is a supporter for a sustainable dance community.  From 2006 until 2019, she was an on and off member of Mascher Space Cooperative in Philadelphia USA, where thru out the years she served as Membership, Space, Programs and Finance Administrator. She is deeply invested in helping further conversation and collaboration in the local and global dance community.  As (previously known as Here[begin] Dance) she has curated and produced Current: an evening of dance and art and Dance Cinema Projects (2007 – 2011).  She has hosted and organized multiple workshops for the community and taught free workshops in making web sites for artists and budgeting. In February 2015, she started a community dance workshop in collaboration with <fidget> space called Вземеш това от което имаш нужда that has since expanded to a 8 month long residency and is going to this day.   Along with fellow artist Kristen Shahverdian and Jacelyn Biondo, Zornitsa curated Move Dance Think Fest in 2016. She has created and administered a guest artist residency Polish dance artists in Philadelphia in 2018 and 2019 in collaboration with Movement Research.

Some of her partners include Art Station Foundation, Poland; Movement Research, USA; Philadelphia Dance Projects, USA; The Fidget Space, USA; Mascher Dance, USA; and others.
She teaches Improvisation Technique for Performance, Dance on Camera and Composition and has done so in Philadelphia, France, Hungary, her native Bulgaria and now virtually. Zornitsa writes periodically for thINKingDANCE.net, where she is an editor. As as a mother of two children, she continues to work to promote the needs of parent artists in the dance field.

She is a huge fan of sci-fi, loves dark chocolate and up until recently lived in the trendy Fishtown neighborhood in Philly. Now she dances in her home studio at the bottom of Vitosha Mountains, right outside Sofia, with her much more famous artist husband Greg Dunn and their two boys.