Програми и платформи за съвременен танц

Since 2006 Zornitsa Stoyanova as BodyMeld has partnered with many organizations to present professional development programs in dance and choreography as well as forums for exchanging performance, ideas around performance and research on new choreography.

We have had partnerships with Movement Research, NYC; Arts Stations Foundation, Poland; and in Philadelphia with Mascher Space Cooperative, Fringe Arts (then known as Philadelphia Live Arts), The Fidget Space, The Iron Factory and others.

BodyMeld’s programs and presenting series are ever expanding as now we work both in Philadelphia, USA and Sofia, Bulgaria. Stay tuned for announcements on new education platforms coming to Sofia and the continuation of Get What You Need residency in Philadelphia.

Get What You Need (Вземи това от което имаш нужда) - – launched 2019 – a platform part of Get What You Need that supports ongoing creation of movement based performance in Philadelphia. 

Coming soon announcements for new programs in Sofia Bulgaria in 2022. 

Professional level dance classes in choreography, improvisation and screendance (ongoing):

BodyMeld също представя професионални танцови и хореографски ателиета и класове с локални и интернационални учители. Погледнете в секция събития за по-вече информация.

Предишни програми:

Джанин Дърнинг във Филаделфия 2020 3дневен онлайн уъркшоп 6, 7, 8 Юли, 2020

Хореографи от Полша на резиденция във Филаделфия (2018 и 2019) - едноседмична резиденция в колаборация с Movement Research в Ню Йорк и Arts Stations Фондация в Полша

Дебора Хей - седмичен уъркшоп във Филаделфия (June 2018) – in collaboration with Mascher Space.

Moms Make Art (2016/17) – residency for mother movement artists.

Move Dance Think Fest (Май 2015) a mini festival in collaboration with Kristen Shahverdian and Jacelyn Biondo – 3 shows, 2 workshops, 1 lecture, an artist talk, conversations and a community dinner. Supported by Headlong Studios, Philadelphia. www.movedancethink.org

Susan Rethorst, Making Your Best Work Workshop–  2010 we presented a week long choreography workshop with Susan Rethorst. Collaborated with Dance Advance at the Pew Charitable Trusts and Live Arts Festival (now Fringe Arts) in inviting Susan to Philadelphia.

Current: an evening of dance and art (2007 until 2011) was a performance series merging all mediums of art connected to movement and the human body. The goal of this series is to present varied contemporary performing art forms in the same place and time with the intent of bringing together artist and art lovers. This series are presently on hiatus as Zornitsa focuses more on researching her work.

Dance Cinema Projects – screenings of dance videos presented in different locations in Philadelphia, 2007/08.