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The Glitzy World We All Think We Want: An Interview with Zornitsa Stoyanova

Originally published by ArtMargins.org BY MARGARITA DELCHEVA · PUBLISHED 10/21/2019 Zornitsa Stoyanova is a performance artist working between the United States and Bulgaria. Currently based in Philadelphia, Stoyanova performs under the name Here[begin] Dance, and her practice involves the creation of large-scale props in front of her audience. Her work explores an amalgamation of genres, blending choreography, performance, song, and shadow play. This… Read more →

Interview with Philadephia Weekly’s Jacqueline Rupp about Explicit Female

“From pregnancy to birth to motherhood, Stoy­an­ova examines the female body without sentiment or the usu­al pa­ter­nal­ist­ic “won­der” that reads like a script to an ‘80s Lamaze how-to. “There’s a lot of fem­in­ist art, but I haven’t seen any­thing that dir­ectly re­sponds to moth­er­hood. Part of it is be­ing a moth­er brings you out of so­ci­ety, it can be a very lonely thing.” Read more →

Review of Dark Matter performance on thinkingdance.net

By Julius Ferraro for thinkindance.net November 22, 2015   Day one of < fidget >’s 6th Annual Fall Experimental Music Festival is called Space, Pulse, Pat-tern, Presence, but it could easily be called Disorientation. Four short pieces, though they differ wildly in tone, form, humor, movement, and medium, use deliberately counterintuitive elements to evoke mystery, suspense, and even confusion. dark matter,… Read more →

Move Dance Think Fest review – A Dance of Attention

A Dance of Attention May, 2015 for thinkindance.net by Megan Bridge In the first weekend of May at Headlong Studios, Move Dance Think Fest (the Significance of Everything: A Way Into Presence) spanned two full days of workshops, performances, lectures, and conversation. The two performances I attended on Saturday were bridged by a lecture on presence by Headlong Dance Theater’s… Read more →

Aesthetic Immersion at shatter ::: dawn By Becca Weber

June 3, 2013 at thinkingdance.net The small audience was abuzz in the lobby before the work even began. Excited banter, nervous giggles about “seeing all of my friends naked,” and assertions of being “totally fine with that” gave away the attendees’ underlying attitudes toward the upcoming nudity in the piece. With this fore-knowledge (and subsequent dis/comfort that arose) I realized… Read more →

Interview with Zornitsa Stoyanova on shatter ::: dawn

May 21st, 2013  By Kat Richter for The Dance Journal Tomorrow night marks the opening of shatter:::dawn, the latest dance/installation venture from experimental movement artist Zornitsa Stoyanova.  Taking “intimate” to the extreme, the performance will accommodate just ten audience members each night and features a cast of five dancers including Stoyanova, Christina Gesualdi, Adam Kerbel, Mason Rosenthal and Anne Wilson.  Between rehearsals,… Read more →

Listening: Improvised Performances at Falls Bridge

Thinkingdance.net By Megan Bridge Jan. 18, 2012 ………… She is Baroque. Her gestures are precise, formal…they are telling us something and it is amazing. I want to keep hearing it. I hear the sound of her fingertips crinkling on her paper skirt. She takes off the costume (too soon!), and it’s Zornitsa Stoyanova… ……… Read full review here. Read more →

Lionel Popkin and Gabrielle Revlock on a dance double bill

Philadelphia Inquirer By Merilyn Jackson Mon, Nov. 21, 2011 a review of Zornitsa’s performace as the elephant in Lionel Popkin’s “There is an Elephant in this dance” ……. Popkin, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Carolyn Hall, and Zornitsa Stoyanova warmed up the audience by coming out and chatting up individuals, creating a lovely connection between us. As Stoyanova donned the elephant costume, she asked… Read more →