“…not a fucking swan…”

BY ZORNITSA STOYANOVA | Feb. 12, 2018 | Written and published for thINKingDANCE.net A pair of dancers (Margot Electra Steinberg and Mary-Carmen Webb), anonymous and unmoving with foreheads on the wall and one hip relaxed, are positioned in the far-left corner. Across from them a black clad body (Celine McBride) enters. Her legs bare, she moves forward in an illusion… Read more →

Zornitsa Stoyanova – full CV

zornitsa@bodymeld.org www.herebegindance.com Education: Intensive Workshop with Faye Driscoll, Philadelphia, PA – Feb. 2012 three day intensive investigating the body as a container for a multiplicity of narratives and movement – “as a vehicle for both creating and debunking meaning.” Falls Bridge Festival, Philadelphia, PA – Jan. 2012 A week long professional development workshops with Ishmael Houston Jones and Yvonne Meier. Perform… Read more →