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Here you will find my writings and thoughts on dance. Most of these articles have been published on thinkingdance.net or culturebot.org. For complete updated list of writings follow this link: http://www.thinkingdance.net/articles/author/Zornitsa-Stoyanova/

Text from AndroMeda

Written by Zornitsa Stoyanova and performed by automatic generated voice by Kindle. *Note that punctuation format is choreographed based on the way the automatic voice recognizes pauses and inflections. _____________________________________________________________________________ We are we are the same  I live inside you. Or do you live inside me? Who are you?  When are we? Your eyes in my skull A different you… Read more →

Un-seen – text from performance

written by Zornitsa Stoyanova and performed by automatic voice generator (which is also the reason for the formatting)  Out there    above us, a beacon of peace watches.   The international space station circles the earth, an image of humanity’s achievement. Astronauts from around the world meeting, working, eating, sleeping, shitting, waking up and meeting again… watching down on us.   Orbiting… Read more →

“…not a fucking swan…”

BY ZORNITSA STOYANOVA | Feb. 12, 2018 | Written and published for thINKingDANCE.net A pair of dancers (Margot Electra Steinberg and Mary-Carmen Webb), anonymous and unmoving with foreheads on the wall and one hip relaxed, are positioned in the far-left corner. Across from them a black clad body (Celine McBride) enters. Her legs bare, she moves forward in an illusion… Read more →

Bulgaria on the map of European Dance – a personal journey in cultural dissociation

BY ZORNITSA STOYANOVA | MAY 8, 2018 | Written and published for thINKingDANCE.net   Personal history and context I was born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria. In 2002, at age 20, I left everything I knew because of dance. Back then, there was no contemporary dance education or performance in my country. My parents supported me when I applied and… Read more →

On Changing Bodies and Art Mediums

BY ZORNITSA STOYANOVA | MARCH 14, 2016 | Written and published for Kat Sullivan’s week on CurateThis. I have known Zornitsa Stoyanova for just a few months now, but I’ve been seeing her work in dance performance and film/media for much longer. Most recently. I was enraptured (“I saw” just seems too bland) by her dance film dark matter, screened… Read more →