BodyMeld – new choreographies Contemporary dance, choreography and dance workshops by Zornitsa Stoyanova

Digital photography and dance on camera

Here you will find Zornitsa Stoyanova’s digital art, her screendance films as well as some of her digital photography. She often teaches Digital Dance workshops – making screendance and different ways to produce live virtual dance. If you are interested in that head over to events.


I find light and Mylar reflective material incredibly inspiring and work often with mirroring, multiplication, and fiber optic long exposure photography. I love the organic feel Mylar creates once mirrored onto itself. My mylar storms and propagation series work to abstract the female body into parts that are still recognizable yet create a whole new meaning/understanding. I work with ideas of the divine feminine, sensuality, and vulnerability as strength. I define all of my work as part of sci-fi feminist art.

Digital collages – prints from some of these images you can find here As always all proceeds are going toward supporting programs and performances by BodyMeld. Please, contact Zornitsa if you see something you’d like to purchase as a print.

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