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Workshop: Expanding Perceptions – tools for composing dance with our attentions and working with, along and against music.

8ми май, 2023
18:00 – 20:00 в Камерна зала на Национален Студентски Дом.
Отворен клас за всеки интересуваш се от движенческа и композиционна импровизация. Това е еднакво полезен клас за любители без опит, както и за професионалисти в танца и театъра.
Вход с дарение между 15лв – 30лв или сума по желание.
Линк за записване:
Този клас разглежда импровизационния танц като практика за разширяване на възприятието. Това е покана за тук и сега, за осъзнатост и за острофизическа осведоменост.
Чрез дишане, спокойствие и тишина в загрявката, ще започнем да позволяваме множеството сигнали от тялото ни и навлезем дълбоко в нашето преживяване във всеки един миг. Усетили тази сензорна комуникация, ще се движим и танцуваме в дълбока физическа резонанс с пространството и звука, както и в резонанс помежду ни. Ще работим с трансформирането на всичките си “внимания”/осезания чрез физичността и работата с присъствието на музиката.
Работен език е Английски с превод на Български при нужда.
БодиМелд, в партньорство с творческа студиа “Студентина“ и Национален студентски дом, представят серии от ателиета фокусирани към движенческата и вокална импровизация с преподаватели от САЩ, Италия и Северна Ирландия.
Всяко ателие е подходящо както за професионалисти в сценичните изкуства така и за любители и всеки интересуващ се от движение, работа с глас, текст, движенческа импровизация и инстантна композиция.
Проекта се осъществява паралелно с BodyMeld Performance Research Academy, интернационална академия за професионалисти в сценичните изкуства, която се случва с финансовата подкрепа на Национален Фонд “Култура”.
Workshop: Expanding Perceptions – tools for composing dance with our attentions and working with, along and against music.
May 8th, 2023 – 18:00 – 20:00h
At Kamerna Hall at National Student House, Sofia.
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This is an invitation into the moment, into mindfulness, and into acute physical awareness. This class approaches improvisational dance as a practice of expanding perception. Using breath, stillness, and quiet in the warmup, we will begin to allow a multitude of signals into our experience with each passing moment. Picking up communication, we will move and dance in deep physical resonance with the space, with sound, and with each other. We will work with shifting all of our different attentions through physicality and working with the presence of music. We will progress to performing for each other in partners and small groups.
Participants should be comfortable with partnering up for massage and touch exercises and coming into light contact with other dancers.
Megan Bridge is an internationally touring dancer, choreographer, producer, and dance scholar based in Philadelphia. She is the co-director of Fidget, a platform for her collaborative work with composer, designer, and musicologist Peter Price.
She is particularly interested in the historical lineages and discursive frameworks that situate her work. Her teaching practice is focused on improvisation and contemporary Western dance. She is currently an adjunct faculty member in the dance departments at Bryn Mawr College and Temple University, where she has taught a variety of studio and lecture classes. She regularly teaches and performs as a guest artist at Universities throughout the Philadelphia area.
Bridge has worked with Jerome Bel, Willi Dorner, Lucinda Childs, David Gordon, Susan Rethorst, and Group Motion, and has studied with Deborah Hay, Steve Paxton, and Lisa Nelson. She holds a BFA in dance from SUNY Purchase, and an MFA in dance from Temple University where she received a Professional Achievement Award and a Professional Dance Educator Award.
Bridge has presented her choreography at The Philadelphia Museum of Art, FringeArts, and many other venues throughout Philadelphia and the United States. On tour, Bridge’s performances have taken her to New York, Vienna, Berlin, Bogotá, Sofia, Plovdiv, Tbilisi, Skopje, Rennes, Dresden, Dusseldorf, Warsaw, Kraków, Lublin, Bytom, Poznań, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Phoenix, Johannesburg, and Zurich.
In 2013 she was named “Best of Philly” for stage performance by Philadelphia Magazine. She has received funding support from American Dance Abroad, USArtists International, and more. She has published articles in Dance Chronicle, Dance Magazine, Pointe Magazine, and at


May 08 2023


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