Get What You Need

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Get What You Need is a way to support and engage in the work and life of a movement performance maker in Philadelphia. There are three ways to engage with GWYN.

  1. You can apply to be a GWYN Resident (GWYNRes) artist. Once selected, you’d be able to develop your work by showing it every month and getting feedback from prominent Philadelphia performance makers.
  2. Sign up on a first come first serve basis for a GWYN event and come show/share your new performance or idea.
  3. Come to the GWYN events and check out what others are working on, give feedback and be part of the creation of new work in Philly.

GWYN Residents for 2019/20 are Mira Treatman and Janna Meiring.

What is Get What You Need Residency (GWYNRes)?

  • GWYNRes is a production support residency for movement performance makers living and working in the Philadelphia area.
  • As a GWYNRes you will be able to develop your work by showing it monthly at different locations in Philadelphia and getting feedback from different mentors each time.
  • The two GWYNRes artists will share each event with one other GWYN artist. Total showings/sharings per event will be 3 at about 30 minutes each.
  • Each event will have a different mentor available to give feedback and answer questions.
  • GWYNRes will culminate in a full work low tech showing in May, 2020 only for the GWYNRes artists. This showing will pay $200 per GWYNRes artist.
  • GWYNRes is a great way to develop new audiences, invite presenters and let people know what you are up to.

FREE to all and open to the public.
GWYN is the brainchild of Zornitsa Stoyanova and she will be present and available as a resource at all events.

Schedule for GWYN events:

All GWYN events are free and open to the public. Check out our Upcoming page for details.

Sun. Nov. 3rd with Amy Smith – at The Beard Cave – 11 am – 1.30pm
Sat. Dec. 14th with Megan Bridge – the space 1pm–4pm
Sat. Jan. 18th with Silvana Cardell – Cardell Dance Studio 1pm–4pm
Sat. Feb. 22nd with Keila Cordova – 954 Dance Movement Collective 1pm–4pm
Sat. Mar. 28th with Leah Stein – The Art Room 1pm–4pm
Sun. Apr. 26th with Terri Shockley – Community Education Center 1pm–4pm
Sat. May 30th with Zornitsa Stoyanova – The Performance Garage 8pm final showing

How to become a GWYNRes Artist:

Applications for GWYN Residency are closed at this time, check back in July 2020.

Mentors of GWYN 2019/20 are Zornitsa Stoyanova, Keila Cordova, Silvana Cardell, Megan Bridge, Amy Smith, Leah Stein and Terri Shockley.

What is just Get What You Need (GWYN), without the residency?

  • GWYN runs in parallel with the residency, so that two slots are reserved for GWYNRes artists and one slot at each event is always available for a nonresident artist.
  • Artists get about 30 minutes to show work or present other questions connected to their life as an artist.
  • Invite friends and collaborators.
  • Get feedback from prominent Philadelphia performance makers.
  • FREE to attend and participate.
  • You get what you need.
  • As a nonresident, you can show work only at one GWYN event per season.

Sign up GWYN is a first come first serve, with each date available for sign up a month before the showing. To get a spot, email Since there is only one slot available per date, if there are more than one artists, a waiting list would be made, in case of a drop out due to unforeseen circumstances. You can do whatever you want with your time (show a piece, talk about a concept, go through budgets, brainstorm funding, anything connected to you as a performance maker).

GWYN operates mostly on donated space and time, so it is really from the dance community to the dance community. Events will be free and open to the public, so please reach our to your audiences and invite them to become part of making your new performance.

You don’t live in Philly, but want a GWYN?

May be you could start one yourself in your city? Zornitsa is available as a mentor and is willing to travel virtually or physically to help you make this happen. Are you in Europe? (First, congratulations, that’s awesome) Don’t worry we are not too far. Zornitsa is Bulgarian and spends summers working in Europe, so it is entirely possible to meet and work together. Contact her at

GWYN Residency program is almost entirely created by donated space and time. It is made possible by the generous support of The Fidget Space, The Art Room, 954 Dance Movement Collective, Cardell Dance Studio, Community Education Center, The Beard Cave and

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