BodyMeld – new choreographies Contemporary dance, choreography and dance workshops by Zornitsa Stoyanova

GWYN resources to share

resource/knowledge to sharename of person(s) who can share
Contact Improvisation basicsZornitsa, Kenwyn
Compositional ImprovisationZornitsa, Kenwyn, Janna
Emergent ImprovisationZornitsa
Speach in danceZornitsa, Keila
Writing text for dance/performanceZornitsa, Janna, Keila
Neutral Mask basicsZornitsa
Clowning basicsZornitsa
Working with gestures in danceZornitsa, Keila
Composition (contemporary – postmodern white dance modalities)Zornitsa, Keila
Presence in performanceZornitsa, Keila
DramaturgyZornitsa, Janna
Sound Design and manipulationZornitsa, Kenwyn
Video capturing, editing and manipulationZornitsa, Kenwyn
Video editing and capturing on cell phoneZornitsa, Kenwyn
Dancing and Composition for the digital frameZornitsa
zoom accountZornitsa, Kenwyn
Contact improvisation basicsZornitsa, Kenwyn
Pantomime basicsZornitsa
Illuminating Emotional content for a dance performanceZornitsa
administrative help in self-producingZornitsa, Kenwyn
DIY lighting designZornitsa, Kenwyn
basics of theater lighting designZornitsa, Kenwyn
basics of carpentry and stage designZornitsa, Kenwyn
sewing and costume designZornitsa, Kenwyn, Keila
web designZornitsa, Kenwyn
Photoshop and poster designZornitsa, Kenwyn, Keila
Canva tutorialZornitsa, Kenwyn, Keila
basic html, css and php codingZornitsa
Full WordPress customization and CRM advice – Perfect for a growing companyZornitsa
Sound stage set upZornitsa
Fundraising ideas supportZornitsa
Anything stage DIYZornitsa, Kenwyn
Video & Audio Equipment & Editing SoftwareKenwyn
Breathwork + Vocal leading/teachingKenwyn, Janna
Viewpoints for compositionKenwyn, Janna
Stage makeupKenwyn
Legal supportKenwyn
Musical instruments & accessoriesKenwyn
Experiential AnatomyJanna
Personal Awareness Practice and improv compositionJanna
Process Coaching through embodied lensJanna
Tools and resources for visioning, mind-mapping and planningJanna
Support in self-examination on how work meets/emerges in social justice and anti-racist contextJanna, Keila
Basic accounting for independent artistsKeila
DIY set designZornitsa

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