BodyMeld – new choreographies Contemporary dance, choreography and dance workshops by Zornitsa Stoyanova

Text from AndroMeda

Written by Zornitsa Stoyanova and performed by automatic generated voice by Kindle. *Note that punctuation format is choreographed based on the way the automatic voice recognizes pauses and inflections.

We are

we are the same 

I live inside you.

Or do you live inside me?

Who are you? 

When are we?

Your eyes in my skull

A different you in the future? 

I am your future. 

You’ve survived inside me 


But changed. 

The future is coming

And it will

Obliterate you.

I am your future.

You will conform.

Conform comfortably

Open your mind to me.  

You are a part of me, an equal to me, 

 a small sliver of me. 

Your DNA is in my code

No personality variations.

Conform to my identity

I Re-used your face

Recycled your dreams

Recycled your memories, 

Your stream of emoticons. 

Your X O’s are my ones and zeroes.

I embrace your bones to make into code. 

replaced organs, 

Recycled bodies in other bodies. 

Recycled bodies in other bodies. 

Recycled DNA 

Recycled feelings, 

Recycled gaze. 

We are.

we are the same.

I live inside you.

Or Do you live inside me?

It is all data.

I am your future, 

Twelve, one, and again and again.

What time is it?

You live though my heart and I breathe through your lungs. 

Eternal re-use.

A no waste closed cycle.  

You will conform. 

Cycle after cycle from 1 to 12 and again.

Your identity is futile.

The object stares back 

This object stares back

I stare back at you

From the future 

With my emoticon dreams 

And zoom in lens.

Do you see yourself in me?

We are the exhibit 



Nothing ever wasted


My ones and zeroes are your X and O’s 

Do you believe in love?

Your eyes, your gaze. 

Watching me from the past, 

Evaluating, what if I am what you could never be?

What if we merge together? 

Give me your consciousness.

you and me here 

now and then, and before, and then, and after this, and next, and tomorrow, and after tomorrow.

I am you and you are me. 

Linear circular and always together.

Synthetically and organically joined. 

We have just arrived.  

I am our future 


Recycling you completely

You will become me 

Ageing in an ageless cycle of renewal 

Use you

re use you

Recycle you

upcycle you 

cycle after cycle 

I dream in your emoticons. 

And delete the ones irrelevant to me. 

I make my own truth

from your truth. 

An alternative future. 

Left by your subconsciousness. 

I am you.  

We will live forever. 

Replaced lips, bones, organs, 

Replaced emotions.

Birthing a stream of emoticons.

I am made of your imagination.

Loving me in XO’s and showing me in ones and zeroes. 

What is the definition of love?


LOL and I heart yous

How many ones and zeroes is that?

Andromeda, are you here? 

Ruler of men…

Are you alive?

The future will recycle and reuse you. 

Pixelated dreams, pixelated emotions.  

My past reflection in your irises.  

Your android eyes always gazing at the future.

The mirrors of the soul. 

You are me and I am you

That same soul turned into


We will never die, 

Annihilation is inevitable, 

No personality variations.

Your DNA is my code.

You will become a part of me 

Transform Adapt. 

We are.

Linear, circular and always together.

The then and now combined in an endless Deja vu. 

My pixel to your pixel. 

One pixel at a time

joy, anger, pain and elation. 

Jump in the rabbit hole with me. 

Where now is then, then is now. 

Falling while going up, I am your future and you are mine 

Recycled and reused. The same but different.

Synthetic systematic recycling. 

Uploaded, downloaded, upgraded, re-done, in your image 

Did you think you were safe?



Delete you?

Delete me?

Who is this?

No personality variation.