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OPEN CALL: Female Bodies in the Digital – art films exhibit

Female Bodies in the Digital is a month-long screening of international art films that work to re-imagine and re-frame the female body in the digital frame.

We are looking for films that use unconventional ways to present what femininity could be in our contemporary culture. We are open to art films, screendance films, experimental and/or special effects films, and VR films – up to 12 min in length. We do not accept music videos, documentaries, or narrative forms.

Five to ten works will be selected and will be shown as part of the exhibit by Zornitsa Stoyanova titled “EnTrance: Female Bodies in Digitalscapes” from May 11th until June 9th, 2023 as a continuous running installation at Toplotcentrala Gallery in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Participants will have their work continuously shown at one of the most visited art galleries in Sofia, Bulgaria.

All films submitted must explore the theme of female bodies and their representation in the digital space. We are looking specifically for experimental, non-narrative formats that push the boundary of what our society understands and sees as female. Any themes associated with the female body are welcome. To name a few: birth, motherhood, death, exploitation, sex, visual presentation… etc.

All films portraying nongender conformist, LGBTQ, female-identifying people and subjects are welcome, though our screening is not centered on the issues pertaining specifically to these communities.

Films made by Bulgarian nationals as well as films that use movement and dance will be given a slight priority.

We do not accept student films, documentaries, music videos, or narrative form films. We will not screen films that portray violence against women.

***PLEASE NOTE: This is a public screening that lasts a whole month and is open to the public without any ticketing. Some nudity is allowed, but we can not screen recognizable genitalia or sexual acts. If your film has that, it will not be a good fit for the screening.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a account, you can use the form HERE to apply to the festival and pay through PayPal or bank transfer.