Explicit Female

solo – 60 min – touring

“…a neo-metal monster and a futuristic Renaissance queen…” – Kat Sullivan for thINKingDance.net

Performance, dance, video art and audience interaction merge in an expressive and surrealist event celebrating the female body. Through personal narratives, Stoyanova demystifies the birthing body, in this mostly nude show.  Casual, yet intimate, the performance strives to connect deeply and kinesthetically to the viewers, at times asking them to participate in the very creation of the event itself.

requirements: projector, full wall for projection or scrim, microphone, side light, stage space at least 12 feet deep by 25 feet wide.

press and reviews: thinkingdance.net and PhiladelphiaWeekly

Full Video Linkhttps://vimeo.com/199202000

Promo video:

Explicit Female at FringeArts Philly Fringe 2016 from Zornitsa Stoyanova on Vimeo.

Past Performances: Fidget Space, May 2016, Philadelphia, PA.
AUX Space at VOX Populi Gallery, September 2016, FringeFestival, Philadelphia, PA.

more info and performance requests: zornitsa(at)bodymeld.org