Lionel Popkin and Gabrielle Revlock on a dance double bill

Philadelphia Inquirer
By Merilyn Jackson
Mon, Nov. 21, 2011

a review of Zornitsa’s performace as the elephant in Lionel Popkin’s “There is an Elephant in this dance”


Popkin, Ishmael Houston-Jones, Carolyn Hall, and Zornitsa Stoyanova warmed up the audience by coming out and chatting up individuals, creating a lovely connection between us. As Stoyanova donned the elephant costume, she asked an audience member to help her. When she danced, hopping, mincing along on her knees, flapping her trunk, we felt affection for her. The elephant seemed pensive, dejected, and then brightened at times, on stage as well as in Kyle Ruddick and Cari Ann Shim’s ghostly video projected throughout.

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