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Elsewhere (2019 – 7m 20s) – is a surrealist improvisational dance film, questioning the perception of personal identity and locational reality. What is inside and what outside? A dream of being someone else, somewhere else, the film blends the female body with nature and architecture. Are we all the same, trees, buildings and humans? Do we exist in multiplicity of places at the same time? How do our thoughts/dreams change reality?

Shot primarily on mobile device over three years and two continents, Elsewhere is a fairy-tale like escapism into the multiplicity of oneself and our surroundings.

The creation of this film was possible though The Ice Box residency in Philadelphia (2015) and Derida Dance Center residency (2016) in Sofia, Bulgaria. Filming locations in Bulgaria are Vitosha and Teteven mountains.

Body Etudes Collection

Lick My Gun (2016 – 4m 16s) | Grapple Together Fest, Philadephia, PA, May 2016

Explicit Female (2016 – 7m 12s) | Fidget Space, Philadelphia, PA, April 2016 | 20/92 Video Festival at the Ice Box, Crane Arts Building, Philadelphia, March 2017

Geometries of Time (2016 – 4m 40s) | Detroit Dance Festival, August 2016

Legs Apart (2016 – 2m 28s ) | not premiered yet

Garden of Delights (2015 – 3m 39s) | Always free and available online, will not enter festivals.

Other films

Chrysalis (2015 – 3m 58s) | Ozark Shorts Film Festival – 2016 | CineDance Women – online publication | 2016 Philadelphia Screendance Festival – February 2016 | Outlet Dance Project Dance on Film Festival – October 2015 | Movies by Movers – September 2015 | The Iron Factory Dance on Film Festival – May 2015 | Vox Populi Gallery, AUX Space – April 2015

Dark Matter (2015 – 7m 45s)| Fall Experimental Music Festival at <fidget> Space – October 2015. | Just film shown at Last Call exhibit at Little Berlin Gallery, Philadelphia, May 2017. | Dark Matter is a multi-tiered experience of dance, surround sound, live music, film, objects, light and smart phone media.