Un-seen (2019 – 50 min.) is a journey through a surreal and alienated world. Using Mylar material as a metaphor for the American(western) dream, Zornitsa becomes a refugee, looking to be part of this shiny new world.  Partly autobiographical, and partly based on the refugee crisis in both Europe and the U.S., the show traces the use of Mylar in our lives that leads to the disillusionment of the glitzy western world. Un-seen is a fantastical, beautiful and ultimately fraud journey to the “promised land”.

Explicit Female (2016 – 60 min.)

Explicit Female is an immersion into the female body.  Featuring personal narratives, custom designed lighting and live feed special effects, it aims to process the mystery of the shape-shifting form half of the world resides in.  Casual, yet intimate, the performance strives to connect deeply and kinesthetically to the viewers, at times asking them to participate in the very creation of the event itself.

Mylar Storms (2013 – 20 min.)

Mylar Storms is an ongoing research in falling horizons and disorienting dreamscapes. It questions identity and perception. Performances of Mylar Storms always involve Mylar and reflective light and often video projection.

shatter ::: dawn (2013 – 65 min.)

dance installation event
5 performers ::: 10 audience
shatter ::: dawn is an invitation to view the body as an object and an interactive social creature.  It explores the body as a container for multiplicity of meaning, shape shifting into recognizable cultural images and abstractions.

Performing Presence Improvisations (ongoing 15 – 30 min.)

Zornitsa regularly performs solo and group improvisations. Her scores are often theatrical and interactive, using light and focusing on emotional states, contrasting physical qualities and gestural content. Presently she is working with Graffito Works company a site specific improvisation dance company based in Philadelphia.

Paper Duchess (2012 – solo 20 min.)

Zornitsa presents ways of deconstructing communication and attempts to translate, internal and external narratives through the body.

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