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solo – 50 min – available for touring

Un-seen is a journey through a surreal and alienated world. Using Mylar material as a metaphor for the American(western) dream, Zornitsa becomes a refugee, looking to be part of this shiny new world.  Partly autobiographical, and partly based on the refugee crisis in both Europe and the U.S., the show traces the use of Mylar in our lives that leads to the disillusionment of the glitzy western world. Un-seen is a fantastical, beautiful and ultimately fraud journey to the “promised land”.

requirements: white scrim, microphone, side light, stage space at least 12 feet deep by 20 feet wide.

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World Premiere at Etud and Friends Festival, DNK – Space for Contemporary Dance and Performance at National Palace of Culture , June 2019, Sofia, Bulgaria.

more info and performance requests: zornitsa(at)