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How to know what to pay if we offer a sliding scale class, workshop or performance.

Why sliding scale…or pay what you can:

I believe that everyone should have access to education and to art. Money should not be an obstacle to living an artistic life or being able to grow and learn. With the virtualization of everything, now many people around the world could learn from each other.

At the same time, I want to consider my 20 plus years of experience, education, and the very real costs of having two children and running a dance company. The time preparing for class, promoting it and teaching as well as the renting of space and all software associated with the running of class also need to be considered.

That said, I always try to make it work for folks who really would like to take a class with me, but are unable to afford it, so I ask for at least 1 dollar or euro. I often offer full scholarships to my workshops, but only if I am sure I would be able to meet all of my expenses.

Below you will find an infographic created by Katherine Desimone, a fellow dancer, and choreographer. I’ve found this works in both US and Euro currency in order to find what to pay for a class with me.

Here are the upcoming events:

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