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Here you will find all of BodyMeld’s upcoming performances, dance workshops in choreography, composition, improvisation for the stage, and digital dance – in person and virtual, and in both US and Europe. All of our dance workshops focus on the creative process, dance composition and dance improvisation, and most importantly performance presence, quality, and techniques. 

Most classes are taught by Zornitsa Stoyanova (Director of BodyMeld), but we also organize workshops with visiting local and international artists. 

in person
9:00 am - 10:30 am
ХОД движенческа лаборатория
Булевард Черни връх 43, (вход откъм бул. Николай Вапцаров) ет.2, 1407 София, България 1407 Sofia, Bulgaria

Сутрешна гоненка – танцова импровизация и композиция със Зорница Стоянова

ENG below.... Понеделник и Сряда от 9:00 до 10:30 сутринта 15лв/клас ...

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